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India is Emerging Market for the G20 Presidency

Future with Digitalization




The Sherpa’s G20 induct with five key focus areas of India’s G20 Presidency

  • Technological Transformation

  • Green development and Lifestyle for Environment

  • Accelerated Inclusive and Resilient Growth

  • Multilateralism and 3Fs

  • Women-led Development, Tourism and Culture


G20 Sherpas first meeting held in Udaipur of Indian State of Rajasthan with the focus on the SDGs. Each session of the meeting discussed them in brief with the key focus on forthcoming meetings agenda including  Technological Transformation and  the working groups on Digital Economy, Health & Education. The digitalization in the Agriculture and Tourism sectors were also discussed in the first meeting of Sherpas.


The key issues ranging from the subjects such as the contemporary challenges of today's World and the expectations of the G20 under the presidency of India, to achieve  the goals were also discussed.


The G20 is prioritizing developing countries, global south & advanced economies.



Shri Amitabh Kant, through an overview of India’s G20 priorities across our 13 Working Groups. The Sherpa highlighted India’s role in providing a exalt voice to the Global South, and utilizing its G20 Chair ship to forge win-win collaborations between developing countries and advanced economies. Shri Ajay Seth, Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, then proceeded to outline key economic challenges facing the world today, and highlighted the need for collective efforts by the G20 to respond to them.


 The challenge in accelerating digitalization across the different sectors in their countries. The importance of cyber security, inclusivity in expanding access to technological services and infrastructure, and digital skilling, were inter alia highlighted in the discussions.

on ‘Green Development and Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE)’ followed, with the focus moving to effective strategies to collectively combat climate change. The need to facilitate just green and energy transitions was discussed, with India’s G20 Sherpa highlighting the necessity of galvanizing collective action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topics covered under the Development (DWG), Energy Transitions (ETWG), Climate Sustainability Working Group (CSWG), and Disaster Risk Resilience and Reduction (DRRWG) working groups were covered in this session. Countries appreciated India’s ‘LiFE’ initiative and extended support to take the agenda forward.


India to bring the agenda on accelerating in G20 India to take forward the key priorities including promoting LIFE and the use of Data for Development in the Development working Group.

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