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India to be a Developed Country By-2047




The first meeting of G20 is attended by Sherpas as Special envoys of different countries. The heads of state and government and top officials of multilateral institutions such as United Nations and World Bank participated in two sessions at Udaipur.




The G20 with many tracks including finance track & Sherpa track besides that more than 200 meetings will take place and a few the engagement groups. These 200 meetings will be organized in all the states of India, any of state will be not impaired of India in G20. 


The leadership is the resolution for India, the idea of G20 is to be people’s G20 and it is only possible when we organize the meetings all over India, our effort is to associate the youth, the students and women with G20.




G20 is an opportunity for India when the whole world is watching India. India is not the only largest democracy. It is the mother of democracy. The meetings of G20 will boost the Tourism & Hospitality sectors which were devastated in pandemic era. These events will strength the tourism potential, recently our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India said “Organizing G20 in state will generate the capacity & experience of it enhance the skill”.




The Government of India is to organize the policy. According to him, G20 is to promote the culture of the country. National priorities of India is inclusive growth, digital transformations, women led development, said “Muktesh Pardeshi OSD (G20).




Udaipur witnessed the First High Level Diplomatic Mega event. It is a huge opportunity for the city having such an international conference on its land of historical moment. The tourism department of Rajasthan has worked closely with the team of G20 and created an example that India is a capable and developing county to host such an International Summit.




G20 Voice for Global South




G20 is a platform where global south key issues could be priority 




Now you will see in next many years, G20 will be headed by emerging economies. This started from Indonesia, now India, Brazil and South Africa. It is for the first time that G20will be headed for 4 years by the countries belong to Global South.




It is the first time when global South will get the opportunity. There should be voice for developing countries in global governance.




In democracy in our country, every national wish there voice to be heard & to have a status in decision making.




Whether it's P5 or G7 or IMF or world Bank, there was a limited voice of global South. In G20 where these four developing countries will lead, emphases will be given to issues belong to global South such climate financing. There is a talk about climate change but the contribute factor of climate change came from developed world. Now the developed counties are being encouraged to take suitable steps.




Under the leadership of India or Brazil or South Africa, we need access to climate financing to deal with climate changes. This I have just given an example where G20 forum will play an important role, the official said.

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