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wmc CEO givig award to ambassador


Awards and Recognitions for etraordinary work towards society


Presented Award to H.E. Sir Anerood Jugnauth Hon'ble President of the Republic of Mauritius.

Presented Award to H.E. Mahmoud Abbas President of the State of Palestine.

Presented Award to Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa.

Presented Awarad to H.E. Syed Kamal Kharazi Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Presented Award to H.E.Solomon Passy Minister of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Presented Award to H.E. Faroghat Azizi Deputy Minister of Cultural of Republic of Tajikistan.

H.E. Mr. Newang Gebrab Chief Economic Adviser to Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Presented Award to H.E. Ms. Fatou Mass Job-Nije Minister for Tourism and Cultural for the Gambia.

H.E. Dr. Ggholm Ali Haddad Adel Speaker Iranian Parliament

Presented Award to H.E.Jitendar Singh Bhanwar Minister of State of Home Affairs (India)

Presented Award to H.E. M.C. Bhandare Present governor of Orrisa

Presented Award to Dr Karan Singh President ICCR, M.P. Rajya Sabha

Presented Award to H.E. Osama Musa Ali Musa Former Ambassador of Palestine to India

Presented Award to H.E. Mr. Philip MC Donogh Former Ambassador of Ireland top India.

Presented Award to H.E. Mr Tektel former Ambassador of Ethiopia to India .

Presented Award to H.E. Mr Abdel rahman Mohamed Bakhiet Former Ambassador of Sudan to India

Presented Award to H.E. Ms. Gennet Zewdie Present Ambassador of Ethiopia to India.

Presented Award to H.E. Mr. Saleh Mohd. Al Gamdi Former Ambassador of Saudi to India

Presented Award to H.E. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Higazy Former Ambassador of Egypt to India

Presented Award to H.E. Lt. Gen Rtd. Andi Muhammad Ghalid Present Ambassador of Indonesia

Mr. G.H.Amin Received WMC award during Presidentship of National Cooperative union of India.

Presented Award to H.E. Ahmed Salem Saleh Al- Wahishi Head of the Mission League of Arab State Mission Presently.

Presented Award to D.Y. Patil Chancellor Dr. D.Y. Patil University (Mumbai)

Presented Award to Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak Founder Sulabh International.

Presented Award to Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ranganath Mishra Former Chief Justice of India

Presented Award to H.E. Faisal Hassan Trad Former Ambassdor of Saudia Arabia to India

Presented Award to H.E. Khisir Haroun Ahmed Former Ambassador of Sudan to India

Presented Award to Justice K.S. Rathore Rajasthan High Court.

Gen. V.K. Singh Ex Chief Indian Army Received WMC Award when Serving as a Chief Indian Army.

Presented Award to Sh. Deependra S. Shekhawat Speaker Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

Presented Award to Mr . Vimal Chahuhan Sate President Raj. Bhartiya Garameen Patrakar Sangh and Human Rights Forum WMC

Presented Award to Mr. Bajrang Trhipathi Founder Manager ALCCEDS (Azamgarh)

Presented Award to Ms. R. Rathor Founder Principal ALCCEDS (Azamgarh).

Presented Award to H.E. Marten Kapewasha former High Commissioner of Namibia to India

H.E. Munawar Saeed Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to India

H.E. Yasunkun Enkoi Former Ambassador of Japan to India

H.E. MR .Larbi Muqakhriq Former Ambassador of Morocco to India.

H.E. MR. FRANCOIS BALUMUENE Ambassador of theDemocratic Republic of Congo on his appointmentas Dean of Diplomatic


Corps in India and serving in India more than 10 years

SHRI MANGE RAM SHARMA President World Brahman Sabha, India



MRS. SUDESH SHARMA Lifetime Achievment Award Ministry of Railways Govt of India

DR. MRS. NIRMAL In Healthy Lifestyle & Stress Homeopathic Management


MR. SURENDER KUMAR SETH President - Indian Council for Human Relations

H.E. MR. ASFAW DINGAMO Ambassador of Ethiopia to India

H.E. MR. MAHBUB HASSAN SALEH Deputy High Commissioner Bangladesh to India

H.E. MR. NDUBUISIV. AMAKU High Commissioner of the FederalRepublic of Nigeria

Mr. VIKRAM SINGH CHAUHAN I.A.S. On this auspicious day of

To Felicitate H.H. ARCHNA DIDI

To Felicitate H.E. MR. ALEXANDRE CECE LOUA Ambassador of Guinea to India

To Felicitate DR. TEJENDRA PAL M.D. Channel-2, Satellite News Channel India

H.E. MR NIMISHA J. MADHVANI High Commissioner of Uganda to India For her historic contribution to further strengthen mutual


relations between the people of India and Uganda

To Shri Dr Pal Chancellor Homeopathic University Jaipur

H.E. MR. NDUBUISIV. AMAKU High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

H.E. MR. MAHBUB HASSAN SALEH Deputy High Commissioner Bangladesh to India

H.E.SIDEK BIN ALI High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam

H.E. MR. ADLI SHABAN HASSAN SADEEQ Ambassador of The State of Palestine to India

H.E. FATOU MASS JOBE-NJIE Hon’ble Minister of Tourism and Culture The Gambia

Honoured to Shri Lokesh Muni

More to come...

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